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2013-11-12 22:59:47 (UTC)

11/12/13 Tues

Post office pick up parcel at 5. Called james decided to let him do visa. Set the leaving date to next fri or sat. Guess im staying here for my bday. Sit in car for an hour planning botex, micro facial, laser lip. Kmart got a free pizza tastes bad. Sex store but the guy fidnt know how to redeem so have to go another day. Target until 9 bought barbie and healthy snacks for this last week. Home took in new pink suitcase. Gonna start packing. Also need to know if we r broken up just friends now. Even though I still love him but cant get pass this pics thing. I think he doesnt love me like I love him so. Shower. He took fds back at 11. I rather he stays at home with fds every night than out.

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