The Real Me
2013-11-17 01:19:08 (UTC)


When he doesnt say a word and he is just a still silent image, i cant deny that the man indeed is very attractive. However in the wider sense i hate him. It is his lack of conciouns, the inability to emphasise and the sheer odacity/lack of respect and disregard for human life that he has that i find hard to comprehand. How can someone have such a disgusting dark soul? It sucks that he is a narcissist. Because i have to deal with his wrath and his ever changing childish personslity. Atleast to some extent it has benefited me. - im no longer such a wuss nor am i weak. Im slowly becoming more calculated and starting to understand how i can get what i want, i guess im testing the waters and my own strength really. I also grew thick skin. Nothing hurts or suprises me anymore. Peoples cruelty feels like seconf nature to me now