always wth love

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2013-11-15 08:23:47 (UTC)

someone id and gone

(a sad fling just at 19)
dear dairy,
last night around 6 or 7 at night
I was at Target and I saw a couple a young one
(I just thought of you and me)
the funny part the gurl was buying items and her man
wanted to leave the store.
the guy said we can do this on the weekend and thought yea
I agree but it was very cute.
I didnt wanna go anywhere last nite cause Id forgot how tired
I was cause Id loads of homework yesterday. and I didnt take a nap
and now Imma still exhauted and annoyed.
so these feels hadnt gone away from me,
I understand now how you cant let go of your first love
Imma missing everything we had for 3 months
and sadly it all ended on Oct 1st, your first day of college and our first meeting each other.
I adore
miley cyrus
nicki minaj
chris brown
justin beiber
jhene aiko
big sean