always wth love

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2013-11-15 07:48:11 (UTC)

the worst behavior of love

(it was a fling at19)
someone I miss the most is you,
I need another phone to talk you without the
trouble it has cause you and I
last night I thought our future, and I miss that.
Ive decided to say that Im still a lezbo
but even thou I didnt have the chance to say it
to you.
Ive got kissed indeed I did but was something different
was with a guy that I didnt fall in love with him yet? until the second monnth, so now we arent talking cause DRAMA had happen to us. sad part we first met on Oct 1st, you told me that I luv you.
everyday I missing your voice and and "I MISS CALLING YOU DADDY"
the worst part this of the love we had, I finally saw the light of my future and now its gone
lately, I been having the worst behavior cause our love.