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2013-11-14 05:39:06 (UTC)

Wonderful Mind

Its amazing how the human mind works. At the initial stage of the breakdown of my marriage it was horrific. It was like a part of you been yanked away. The pain is deep, constant, bitter and painful. You also feel very helpless and lost as your mind as to now cope with this new situation you really do not want. Your familiar modus operandi becoming a distant past as the days go by. The only confidence you have is that you will not see it through. There are 2 clear options in front of you. You sink or swim.

If you decide to swim then the long road for recovery is full of ups and downs. You will just need to try and take each day at a time. There would be bad days, low days and very difficult days and there would be mistakes and anger. Just plough on. Have a plan. That is the most important thing. Put targets in front of you, discover what you enjoy and start doing them. Apply coping mechanisms (friends, religion etc) and slowly detach yourself from that partner that doesn't want to have anything to do with you and before you know it your mind is acclimatising to the new situation. That deep pain is not controlling you any more. You are more at peace with your situation and you look forward and your past is no longer a source of sorrow just your past that does have some good memories as well. There is so much to do in the future and your wonderful mind starts to think again and all the anxieties and sorrows are things of the past. that person that was so entwined in your soul becomes a third party and you become mentally free again to be who you are.