Hannah O'Brochta

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2013-11-13 04:44:26 (UTC)

Russell(My babycakes)

Hello!! I'm dateing a guy who is sweat guy to Earth name Russell Gehrman. He has the cutest bright blue and medium dark brown hair,people say he looks like a hippie. He has the nicest family on Earth,they even think I'm family, Yay I guess.. :P He was a supper close friend knew everything and we had scerts :) and I kind of knew he liked me like he always had to talk to me every night and day.So,one day he was like hey,I got to ask you something.Then, I was like ok,what is it? Then Russell was like "Lets go out." I was all like OG MY GOD he want's to go out, so of course I said yes with a smile on my face.Well that's when Russell and I started to go out. We started on the Jun 30th,2013.

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