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2013-11-12 05:49:19 (UTC)

Be Calm

Looks like we are heading to court now. She wrote me recently saying this was her last ditch attempt to settle out of court. She basically asked for everything. I told her I needed to get the financial report from our mediator as my solicitor needs it (as I am getting legal advice) to respond to her offer. She then withdrew the offer saying she send me the letter without legal advice and therefore the offer no longer stands and she would go ahead and file for divorce with her financial claims in court. So I await the letter from her solicitor. I already got a letter from her solicitor some weeks back informing me that she was filing for divorce and they requested a few financial documents and information but since then she wrote me her offer so now I think we are back to the solicitor and court proceedings.

I feel calm within myself and very determined. Ultimately I will consider the children in all my actions but I will also vindicate myself. I look forward to a life to reset myself again and start to smile and love simple things and not have a background sorrow. I wish her well and I hope over time we can have an amicable relationship for our children. Having said all that I am determined to see this through and not just lay there to be trampled on.

Recently my sister told me that my (11 year old) son told her that he told his mum that his friend's dad lost their house from gambling and that his mum says that nearly happened to someone close to the family. He was asking my sister if it was me or her! I am expecting more callous behaviour from her as we go through the emotions of the court case but I will be calm.