What Now?
2013-11-12 10:04:09 (UTC)


Jared and i started dating last Friday (Nov. 1st, 2013). ive never fallen in love with a guy quit like him in a setting quit like we had.
Friday: We were at a Halloween ball and since i wast a big fan of going ( i only went because a friend wanted me to go with her but she ended up leaving me alone with nothing to do.) i just stood by the far wall watching people dance and have a great time. Chambers actually wanted me to come out and dance but i convinced him that i didnt want to go. besides, i cant dance. After a while Jared came up to talk to me. we had a general conversation and then he asked if i wanted to go sit down. i said sure only because i had no one else to hang out with. we sat down towards the back and talked some more. he got me to dance to the electric slide and some part of another song that i could never quit get the hang of. we went back to "our space" and talked some more and listened to some music on his phone. we walked around and talked some having a pretty good time. He showed me how to slow dance(!!!) and i thought he would actually kiss me right then and there but my stupid hat kept getting in the way. a song came on (ima pop some tags) and i had to leave the room. i cant stand it, at first i liked it but then my father had to ruin it for me. i was surprised a little bit that Jared actually followed me out! i was planning to stay outta the room until the song eneded so that i didnt have to relive that horrible memory again, but of course with my luck one of the councilers found us and told us we had to go back in even after i tried to explain to him why i was out here. so we jus went in right by the door and listened to something else so we didnt have to listen to THAT. i thought hed kiss me then too when he started to pull me closer but i was so nervous and scared i had to trn my head away... then master guns had to get all up in his face that he was too close whenit was reall ymy fault. needless to say after that we went to the opposite side of the room. finally after my annoying at was off and we just kinda setled down, and i wasnt so wound up anymore, we KISSED!!! o my gosh i will never forget that.
later on i found that he had actually gone and talked to one of my friends, ivy, about me before coming to talk to me in person. AND EVERYBODY form FH saw us kiss! so embarrassing but so sweet.

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