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2013-11-10 06:39:25 (UTC)

:D happy

You will rarely see some happy smiley n happy posts of mine in dairy and, today i have something happy thing to post. :D :D
yest, to my surprise was my Rakshak's episode :D i was so surprised n mom was overwhelmed to see me on TV hehe, my role wasn't prominent but, i did see myself clearly on TV n i was looking stupid hehe its 1 whole year old video, i lost hopes but, mom had n it did happen. i was happy :) very happy :) but, wished that could have seen myself more.
All are so nice ppl giving me hopes n encouraging me. ya one more thing to share that yest, Pranay asked me about my Whatsapp status. it was "Waste waste waste" i said "nothg" he insisted me to tell him, i said "nothing gross time is going bas so my efforts going waste so i posted that" he very sweetly said "terko pata ai kya?" i was puzzled n said nope abt wat? he said " wen badluck is going n u shud b happy coz very soon good times will come n will make u happy" n i was like awww :* thx u for ur sweet words hehe ya i did send him kiss smiley :* :* hehe yest was nice day wit lil lil surprises :D
Tomorow is my interw at mulund m not very excited infact, i'm kinda like i shud not get select hehe coz i still have hope for acting career :) lets see wat hapens but , i must say that i'm going to repeat my mistake. :p bcoz m helpless
Cya will be updating abt interw cyazzz