always wth love

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2013-11-08 07:40:10 (UTC)

that girl

so much is going with me
its like i need help by a docter...
Man!?! i wish in reltionship again to feel better
im soo NOT happy anymore...

i love music soo much im addicated to it;
its crazy right
yesterday id wasnt dream
but it did freak me out, thou...
id dnt like holidays anymore
soo much argumentrs come to damn surface,
that all i get half the time.

so what say to a girl whos whats a relationship again but this time
not get caught like she did three months ago?
cuz if hadnt notice thats me.

oh yea, I like girls soo im just sayin that b/c its the TRUTH
my last thing wht is someone trying hurt me again.
I love girls but i also love guys... but serious i want know who
i want more.... IS THAT BAD:(