always wth love

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2013-11-05 10:12:22 (UTC)

topics = depression/ LoVe

omg! omg!
i hate time change more than bad gossip
but whateverz
soo theres alot topics that i havent time to say but
who gives shit
so im depressed
so what im paraniod
but thats me...
i love how music makes a difference on me as a person,
so this week goin be horrblie ugh....

last week was just bullshit
but my damn crush on "A"
was very good i love her a like i known her forever
shes makes funny faces and her teethare pure white like
cold milk and damn her beauitful blue eyes
shes one of a kinda
i wish i can tell her how im in love with her but i cant :(

so here i am on the web
venting like HELL
dont have my ipod touch anymore
long story...

oh yeah did i tell you ive a hecky on my neck
its gone NOW thank god! but i feel the side effects after it
thou id asked my crush was it normal she said HELL no well not like that but i know what she meant
no its NOT hers
its from someone else