always wth love

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2013-11-01 08:33:14 (UTC)

old news but whateverz... some recent news crappy shit

so ill tell how it went on the big day of
graduation day...
mixed emotions really no LIE!
but id so many superises thats came along with it
so it was good but it didnt last long.
after july it got worse until august
id found a light until itd crashed in october 1st
sadly im still feel losted of somewhat life stuff,
you had be in my shoes to know the sicknessim in.

so now im pulled in the water and going drown
there without anyone knowing.
oh yeah im still listening music and reading books;
anyway thats all can say with crooked smile on my damn face.

college :)
mixed wth anything
with secerts
im alright for now
got another girl crush its starts with an "A"
she soo damn cute like ican feel her inside me.
oh yea ive spoke with vivian im glad but want her soo much more now than before
want love again :(