always wth love

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2013-11-01 07:45:58 (UTC)

heyy im back btiches!!

hey im back btiches!
sorry i havent been on here in forever im still breathing sadly i love you guys soo much.
so id decided to put my new poeam on here
so tell me what you think?

in the deep
these summmer were always rocky,
so here i am in the deep
cant breathe even if i had tired. ive been
havin' chills over my body....
im also drifting off the current.
but id got pulled by my thoughts, somehow i saw
a book called srien..
futhermore in these 3 months, thats where i fit.
sadly im NOT at peace, someone grab me out.
so i can breath again
ive been depressed for a year and im
chasing away out....
and i do have scars that are in the deep

well thats my poem.
i love you& miss you guys lots