deanne and Connor

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2013-11-01 05:15:51 (UTC)

see You in two weeks.....

i said i would visit and here i am!

Tomorrow is the day. i am ready. At this point its just stressing over little things that shouldn't be stressful, but that's just me and You know it by now.

i promise You that the letters will be in place, and You will be in my thoughts.

i will be back in two weekends and will touch base as best i can then, though the first day or two back might be rather manic.

i just kissed my fingertip.....then touched it to my cunt and lastly placed it on this screen for a moment to convey my feelings.

i adore, worship and love You in ways only the two of us know.




I do miss you like crazy and I have avoided coming here because I knew it would make it worse! I hope you have had a beautiful time and that, selfishly, I have crossed your mind from time to time. Thinking, Thinking, THINKING of you..........your MASTER

I can't wait to see you soon!


As wonderful as the last two weeks have been i cannot wait to see You, too, Sir! i hope You make it today.....




WOW! Didn't know you were back baby!!!! :)

I had it in My head it was another you so much and can't wait to see you!


Apparently you are not checking here anymore. Today is 11/22 and you haven't responded to the above message yet which was sent 11/17.

I don't have clue what to think. Please update Me.



i put two updates in after returning home and when You didn't answer i just put it out of mind. But i've been leaving messages daily on our messenger and haven't heard from You. i left a message saying i couldn't make it yesterday but would be here today. i am still waiting and hoping!