2013-10-29 17:06:20 (UTC)

10/29/13 Tuesday

So pissed he didnt say anything about me pregnant or abortion. Didn't want talk to him last night. Couldn't hold anymore this morning. He just say he is busy making money. Then why borrow from me? Headache since early morning. Took forever to get ready. Didn't want go out but had to drop off passport app. Went to the wrong post office. 3pm was too late to go to the right one. Couldnt go anywhere because of the headache. Home. Yung called. Talked for a while. The reason im letting myself go and letting myself in this abusive relationship is mom's death? Fel asleep on couch. He came back at 7 brought him mom cooked food. I think im already over him. Ive had enough. My love for him is killed by him little by little. He forced to have sex with me. I really didn't want. Couldn't hold myself and got pissed on him being with his buddy almost 24/7. He was mad too said I could do whatever now. Heard that done that got bad outcome. Headache always gets better at night. Now the only thing I should do is get passport and get the hell out of here away from him away from this lifestyle.

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