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2013-10-29 11:39:34 (UTC)


Man climbs role in the fate of time and plays her fate. Time spew evil of centuries and purification makes the opposite. Here was made ​​god of time. We whiteness divine difficult, unwanted rise. Absurd sense. Matter is defined as the opposite of the necessary and antimatter falls like a stone weight in life. Where are we? In which universe we live in? Laws set forth the tear cleaved with the same savagery hunger. Magical wishes to kiss lead to wars bitch. Axis of life. The world revolves around her. The old story that does not plekje ever. Rated the ambitions and power that pushes itself bears and kills for the world to be planted.
I know! Is aware of the strength that separates man and deleted as the first sense. "My policy in the hands of Jos"
And what remain?
In the first war, the strife between ideals and impossible to mature. We push genuine "woman" wiping wealth of life.
We look (to a man with ambitions of too much) spins in repentance for creating neat.