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2013-10-28 18:09:30 (UTC)

Schizophrenics and Food

"Goodbye to You" by Michelle Branch

[I'm almost finished with my absolute favorite show, buffy the vampire slayer. I know i say that about every new show or book or whatever i watch/read but no seriously this show is almost flawless it is my everything next to harry potter... yeah, thats right. i like it more than supernatural. more than doctor who. that is crazy love man. crazy. im such a fangirl.]

Monday October 28, 2013 7:11 PM

Weight (at lowest): 110 lbs

Weight (at highest): 112.2 lbs

Not a very good day today. Too much thinking. Mom tried calling the hospital but this crazy guy picks up and starts going on about the FBI. He must be schizophrenic. My dad told her to just ask him to yell for Caroline because that's what he did and worked. According to Caroline, it's not much of a mental hospital. They don't care for them very well. My mom wants desperately to send her to where I was, um... should I call it Four Monsoons? Because I mean, if monsoons are seasonal winds, then I guess that's a pretty good cover up name. Except for I almost gave it away.

Please don't look for me. I've probably given soooo much information on my whereabouts on here over time but just don't. I will kill you. Forget I said that. If I think I'm dreaming, I will kill you.

So... food.

Today I ate a PB & J sandwich (technically two but they were so tiny, the two combined were the size of one). I ate pretzel sticks, a little apple sauce thing, like the kind that go in kid's lunch boxes.

Two liters of water. More than that, actually. A cup of vanilla almond milk.

For dinner just now I ate a whole package of shrimp ramen soup. Soooo good. I also ate a lot of spinach with some kind of tuscan dressing. I loveee spinach. Then for "dessert" I ate this thingy majiggar I made...

Basically, I put peanut butter all over a little plate, then covered it in a layer of dark chocolate chips. I drizzled some honey on it this time. Then I pretty much froze it, then put it in the fridge where it defrosted and I ate some. It was yummy.

I think it's healthier than eating brownies. Plus it gives me protein I'm probably lacking since I'm a vegetarian.

Anyhow. I know. An entry about food is just SOOOO interesting. But, hey. I'm not counting the calories. I'm trying to see how healthy I was today. Seems like I ate mostly carbs and peanut butter, lol.

Wow, I just found out spinach has 7 calories per cup. Now I love it even more.

I didn't go to school. Bad idea. I can't wait to get back, suddenly. I need to be active. I'm gonna try (and fail) to do pull ups. Maybe punch the hell out of my punching bag. Oh, life. I love you. But you suck.