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2013-10-27 23:48:37 (UTC)

Guilty Pleasure

Im guilty.
you're Guilty.
We're all guilty
in our own little way.

no matter if big or small
guilt is guilt.
with pleasure or not.
Let me tell you mine.

i like my teacher
its not because she's hot
or the fact that she notice me
but its her voice

im a musician
but that voice,
her voice.
i've never heard anything
like it.

i could listen to it
in fact,
it's the only thing that i'll
listen to..

it allures me
pulls me in
kills me
right then and there

that's the pleasure
here's the guilt

she teaches night classes
i take night classes
just to listen to that voice
all night....

sometimes i pretend
to not understand
so she stays longer

im guilty
for making her stay
im guilty
for staring at her
im guilty
for loving her voice
im guilty
for falling for her...

but im not the only only one
she is too
She's guilty
for letting me.

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