Journey Coming To A End
2013-10-21 22:55:29 (UTC)

coming to a end

if your reading this while then i might just be gone . why ? because im tired of everyone and everything i get called " fat ass " fat girl " " cow " and everything else that can hurt you by my own FAMILY and i get bullied at school my parents divorced . my sister always says kill yourself nobody will care all the time . so its my time to go i have no one . this is it im done bye ♡ SOMEONE OUT THEIR LOVES YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE DONT LET IT GO TO WASTE PLEASE ! THIS WORLD IS TO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE IM DONE GOODBYE TO ALL THE PEOPLE I LOVE GOODBYE HAVE A GOOD LIFE EVERYONE AND DONT TRY TO FIT IN TO SOCIETY ITS NOT WORTH IT BE YOURSELF BECAUSE THATS THE BEST THING YOU COULD EVER BE . bye :(:

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