2013-10-21 07:31:53 (UTC)


Sometimes I wonder. What is about a journal that makes it so addictive? Whenever I try to regard myself outside of my own being I'm usually very inaccurate. Analysis of behaviors has always been one of my quirks, and I often kept it to myself. It's what pushed me apart from other people, the difference to push people into categories based on their personality and being able to shine light on the dark corners of their character.

What makes a journal so captivating is perhaps our need to tell our story. By this, I mean we all have selfish needs to push ourselves away as unique, since individualism is so highly valued in this country. It's difficult to tell anyone, even of any religion, that they have equal value among their community rather than the value they think they have based on their contributions to society.

Closure is a word I've been hearing a lot of lately. People wait around for it; I never understood the concept. Closure isn't needed in a lot of situations, unless the situation depends on it. You don't need closure of your life from someone else, you don't need closure of your feelings through anyone else. Life is too short to wait around.

I still like him. It sucks. People say it's infatuation. But infatuation just doesn't happen for 3 years. I wish it was infatuation...
You'd think things would be different junior year. But they aren't. And I have a feeling they won't ever be.

mein Urdu kharab hai. lol