2013-09-30 00:10:44 (UTC)

Green Greed

now he walks back into my life and I begin to like him and he knows, and then he starts asking me about other guys? I don't know what makes me more angry, the fact that I like him again or the fact that I just naturally dislike that he's into other guys? He's not even into me...he never said it. He just said I was his but he never said I like you, he never said anything that means anything...just that I'm his white boy. Yeah, I'm everybody's Puerto Rican white boy. I'm so fed up right now...all I wanna do is fall asleep.

On the other hand, fucking Genaro. Like I haven't had enough of his bullshit. Now he wants to apologize like he did before, for being so rude, and then he'll be super rude again. I don't even understand. The more I tried to fix things with him, the more frustrated he was. Now he wants to fix things. This should be fucking wonderful.

I am so angry at the way things are turning out. This guy after 4 years now is talking yo me again, he never even unblocked me so I'm not even sure he even meant that apology. If he did he would've unblocked me and I wouldn't have to make a new account. Not that it fucking matters. Now that I made this new account I have thrown myself right back into the past. Everyone who has blocked me or I have blocked now exists again...

Gonna be a fun fucking time.