*Rock Star*

In the head of a band-aid...
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2001-10-10 14:48:39 (UTC)

still sleepy...

Im still sleepy, but I had a BLAST last night. That was
like the first time I really got out in a long time, I went
downtown to promote Flickerstick and went to the Hilton to
give the consierge dude a flyer and we met this lady that
is the cating director/producer, im not sure, of MWL, the
country version of TRL. and she liked us, so we are going
to introduce videos today, a vj for a day! Im so shy and I
know I will freeze, so I may chicken out at the last
minute, but hey, she told us, we could talk about
Flickerstick and pass out flyers to the audience and stuff
like that, so, for once, I have a busy day. I like having
a schedule. I found out who Flickerstick's opening band
is, Rubyhorse. I may have already wrote that yesterday. I
better go right now. I will write later, after my
humiliating experience on tv. Love Jen
now i not sleepy, im hungry...