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2013-10-17 16:09:12 (UTC)

Save me from them!

I was never so confident of my abilities before but life is unfolding in amazing way to shine upon me the secrets of personal happiness and professional success. I may not have become a person whom every one would as I dream most of the time, but I am happy with my efforts and definitely see the future giving me those privileges that are present only in my dreams today.

I heard and read many times - Dream Big! but at the same time heard around me those skeptics - Dreams are different from reality! but I may never have known the power of dreams , If I listened to them.

For me my passion has always been a way I lived and dreams have been the reason I live. Whether its getting myself on top of the stage, or gifting my dear ones, or shaping life of my baby to turn him into the most distinguished person on earth, dream has always been important enough for me to not live without it.

At times I could understand people around me, for they do not have a passion or dream. Where do they fire without an aim! I keep wondering. And these people who do not know themselves what they want from life, keep giving us tips on - How to save yourself form Success! Yes , I feel they do that to me and to everyone who is self-motivated.

Such people are dependent on external factors for motivation such as higher salary, greater recognition, huge money, appreciation, comfort and many more such things. The moment any of these disappear, they remain dissatisfied. For them dream is about earning lot of money, or having the comfort of life with no work.

Who will make them understand that life doesn't work only on principles of luck but on hard work or rather smart work. They do no learn but get amazed at people who know more than them. They do not go out of their comfort zone but are overwhelmed by success of those who struggled to achieve something in their life.

They feel that if life can be spent without achieving anything then why struggle! I have no complaints from them except when they try to de-motivate me or become barriers in my journey towards my dream.

God save everyone including myself from them as they are the most difficult people on earth , living too close to one, to ignore them.

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