My thoughts
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2013-10-16 02:29:20 (UTC)



I was an experiment, everyday, they were scared of me, all of them. I was a monster.

I am a monster, it's in my blood, running through my veins, it's pumping, coursing through my body, keeping me alive.
No matter how many people tell me that I'm me, I know I'm not, because they don't know the monster. It's inside me, lurking, fighting, ready to pounce on it's next victim.
It's eating me from the inside, shredding and clawing its way out, taking over this helpless heart. Ripping it's to pieces and leaving this body that was once strong, weak,vulnerable and deceiving the eyes once again.
I used to fight back, but now it's useless, I will let they believe whatever they see. Because that's what humans do best, believe with their eyes, so let them see the monster, the other side of me that I kept inside for so long and now it's coming out to destroy me. I hope they understand now, but then again how can I have my hopes up so high when I myself surrendered to the monster that I made.