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2013-10-15 06:37:09 (UTC)


I had a head injury at football on Saturday and since then being getting terrible headaches. Spent Sunday at the hospital only to be told that I should use pain killers and if the headaches gets worse I should return. The headache is not better so may go back to the hospital. Going to the hospital also highlighted my present condition just in case I had forgotten. I am all alone. Surely I have friends that care for me but I mean I don’t have a home. I am a stranger in my home. It is the worst thing that can happen to a man.

I did get a letter from her solicitor last week asking for a divorce. I am preparing my response to my solicitor. Unknown to her I was preparing a document to offer her more than she was requesting. But all the people close to me have told me not to do that and look after myself. I would need all the money I have for the future as I am not getting any younger and will need money to look after my children.

Mediation broke down because she didn't like the direction it was going. Now she has filed for divorce. One thing I am definitely looking forward to is life without daily contact with the malice between us. I think the separation will be good for everybody. I will be able to live my life again in a home that belongs to me. I can look forward to rebuilding my life and hopeful for the future likewise her. Also the children will not have to be subjected to the negative atmosphere daily. Although I always get the feeling of failure whenever I think about the situation but I am hopeful for the future. I will need to put in an effort though. I cant just wait for the future to determine my life. I have to take my life in my hands and determine my future as much as I can.