Diary of Naomi
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2013-10-11 23:47:10 (UTC)


Long time no see, huh, Diary? It's been a horribe week. My mom and I are fighting a lot. Well, she's the one who's been yelling at me for no reason. And.. I'm pretty sure a 99% of all the kids all over the world think this way, but in my case it's true. It's not like she hates me (because mothers dont hate their childendren) but its like she yells at me when my brothers not around, when I dont make dinner, when I DO make dinner, when I don't wash the dishes, when I DO wash the dishes, every single thing is a reason for her to yell at me.

But you see, she's not the problem... My younger brother is. He's the one who causes a 97% of all of my problems. And I'm pretty sure older sisters all over the world think this way, but in my case, too, it's true. He's only 12, but he's a genious. Do you wanna know what does he do? I'll tell you:

*He hits me so that I get angry at him
*He does it again so that I get even angrier and dont talk to him
*He keeps bothering until mom comes home
*When mom comes home he kisses me and hugs me
*As expected, I tell him not to touch me or talk to me
*Mom sees this and then I'm the "Bad kid"

This is driving me crazy, I'm sick of crying over it and doing nothing about it. Im not a bad kid at all. My grades are the best grades of my classroom. I do whatever I'm told to do. I respect my parents. But nooo. I'm a "bad kid". All she says is "I'm worried that Jesus comes and your soul goes to hell"

On Monday, she told me to tell her what time it was. Since I was doing my hair with a hot curling iron I told her I couldn't move and told her to tell my brother to do it, since he was doing nothing, just as always. I get my hair done. I go to the kitchen to eat something and she looks at me with the look of "Its been a while, I alredy wanna yell at you for no reason" "You bad behaving girl! All I do is please you, but noooo! Nothing's enough for you! I simply asked you to tell me what time it was.. But nooo! You couldnt tell me because you were busy with more important stuff, right? U know what I'm sick of you, I wont please you as I always do.. U know what, I wont talk to you." That's what she said. Sice she told me she wasnt gonna talk to me, I dind't make any effort to talk to her.. Why? I dont like being ignored.

The next day I woke up, but didnt say hi as usual. Thats where my horrible week started. This whole week has just been awfull, I wish I could re-do everything. Even my own existance so that it doesnt bother her, but I guess wishing such a thing must be a sin. This happens all the time. And I'm so sick of apologyzing when I know I'm not the one who's wrong.I want her to know that everyone has problems, not because Im still and scool and dont have a job doesnt mean that I dont have problems as well.. I DO. I need her that he has 2 kids. Not 1, but 2. She needs to punish my younger brother when he's not behaving and she needs to stop fighting over everything. I love her, I trully do, but this situation is distancing us.

If there is someone reading this page of my diary, I beg your advice, tell me what to do or not to do because I sincerelly dont know, or just talk to me. I really need someone to talk to. Just to talk.

Thats been all for now dear diary, I hope youre doing better than I am. XOXO

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