Unimaginary Life
2013-10-11 08:19:08 (UTC)

Sabrina-cutest baby

After having three sons; Farrel, Ritch and Shawn. Faila was quite sad as she wanted a daughter. Finally her prayers were answered, she got pregnant after seven years since Shawn's birth. A sweet little daughter came to her home, just like a fairy. Both Faila and her husband Terry loved the name Sabrina for that little fairy. As it is often believed by some people; if someone gets a daughter after having three sons, that daughter brings good luck for that family. This story proves it to be true. Faila and Terry had difficulties to meet both ends and on top of that the latter was addicted to gambling. Faila had to sew clothes at night and during the day to work with his pitiless brother Mel in a bakery so that she can fulfill the needs of her family. But after the birth of Sabrina-the fairy, everything changed. Terry suddenly realised his responsibilities towards his family and he quit that bad habit of gambling. He started to support,love and care about Faila and his sweet family. They both thrived hard for their kids and never let them feel the lack of anything. Sabrina gradually became the apple of Terry's eyes. He could not even bear someone not even Faila talking loudly to Sabrina. The only daughter grew up among three wonderful brothers. But as Sabrina was born after eight years since Shawn's birth. There was a gap between her and her brothers. Yet she managed to bridged that gap. Farrel was already working as he was fourteen years elder than Sabrina. He could not spend that much time with his little sister but that did not make their brother-sister's bond weak. When he was at home most of the time he spent was with Sabrina. Whereas for Ritch it was completely different as he was still going to college. He had enough free time to play and care for Sabrina and the latter became more and more the closest person to Ritch and it was the same for Sabrina too. Ritch became the person whom Sabrina's eyes keep searching for. As Faila and Terry were busy working for the ease of their children. Ritch helped them by taking care of little Sabrina. Whenever he was at home he would fed Sabrina, washed her hands, bath her, plays with her. For the little fairy also, if Ritch was at home she won't see anyone else; only Ritch for everything. They both shared an undescriptible brother-sister's bond. On the contrary, there was Shawn who disliked Sabrina for taking his place as being the smallest and dearest to everyone. Shawn was working (he had to leave school due to his poor results and the financial problems of the family) he started to work as hairdresser since the age of 12. He mistook that as being the rejected child of the family and the was to bear his frustrations was little Sabrina. He would hit her and never shower love upon that baby. So, Sabrina day by day drifted away from him. For Shawn he made awful friends and spent most of his time outside. Terry many times had to confront and hear the insult of Shawn's friends when he went to bring Shawn's home. Terry and Faila tried everything possible to bring Shawn on the right track but all was in vain. So due to Shawn's attitude Sabrina was always afraid of him and loved her brothers Farrel more and Ritch most.

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