The Real Me
2013-10-08 19:04:22 (UTC)

I think I have a crush on my boss-CEO

I know I only write in here when I am either:

a) depressed
b) Something terrible has happened
c) I have formed a crush on someone that I know I shouldnt pursue.
d) I cant tell anyone something so can only write it down

At the moment its c) its like a small tiny crush but I know me! these little things turn big. So the real question is should I just let it form or crush the crush? I guess it adds a bit of "fun" to my working life. Ok no this is ridiculous im 23 now I need to fix up. I guess its not so much that hes hot or anything....hes actually an ass, everytime we talk his personality puts me right off and makes me hate him which is great. Hes actually horrible to me...bloody italians, and always getting pissed of at me and moody and treating me like im inferior. But then when I fantasize (why am i even fantasisng about him urgh...really shows the lack of men in my life) hes like this powerful, authoritative, sexy brainy dude. I think I admire him...or more I want to be him, I could eat his success.

This would make a great story though, Im the executive PA to the CEO of a large company. However SADLYYYYY the CEO is NOT married, he is italian but speaks spanish portuguse french and hes 36. Why me. Why couldnt he be old as fuk and unattractive and maybe even married.