deanne and Connor

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2013-10-05 06:35:51 (UTC)

my recent task

i am sorry for being behind with this post. As You know i was off Wednesday and chose that as my day to carry out the task. i slept in a bit and had leisurely coffee at my desk checking my email. Being the place we usually "meet" thoughts of You were lurking. Knowing i was not heading out anywhere soon i had a wide window of opportunity so opened my robe and etched the letters ish & nem on each upper thigh crevice with a ball point pen.

i sat back with my coffee and thought of You -- of us -- meeting in this very place almost weekly and the times we share together. Eventually i found myself touching myself fantasizing that You were there watching me. Not wanting to get carried away i made myself stop and get on with my morning.

i did some chores in the kitchen and sprucing up around the first floor and a load of laundry. The daring thing was i did it w/o my robe and nothing else on. While the letters would have been very difficult to notice by anyone that happened in, the fact that i was naked would have taken some explaining. It was a daring act.

By the time i was done (maybe 90 minutes later) i was extremely aroused and went and laid on my bed to masturbate. i rubbed my clit and gyrated my pelvis up and down by lifting myself with my feet on the bed. My rubs turned to probes and i was soon very wet with wet fingers. i would occasionally stop and suck a finger imagining it was from another girl and that You were watching me taste her. Then as my excitement heightened i imagined You kneeling next to my head and me sucking Your cock as You rocked in and out of my mouth while You reached down and fingered me. At the moment i came i imagined You filling my mouth with Your orgasm, some leaking out and running down my neck.

i finished by sucking my fingers clean as You "watched".

And now my Master i must finish getting dressed and head to campus. i would much rather be here to serve You.


Your devoted cunt.


My devoted and daring cunt! I Am most pleased by your task accomplishment. These are the little things that I expect. I "intrude" into your life and you deal with it. I Am a presence in your life and you deal with it. I MAKE Myself part of more than a Saturday and a Sunday.....and you relish it!

I love that you know Me so well. The letters, the play, the teasing, and the tasting....all to please your Master!