Life Sucks
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2013-10-04 17:53:46 (UTC)

About me

So here's a list of facts about me:
1. I'm 15
2. My best friend is 13 minutes older than me
3. I am a TOTAL nerd! No lie
4. I don't put all that much into my self image
5. I'm rather tall for a girl (if you consider 5' 8" tall)
6. Oldest of three
7. Smart (Straight As not including 4th grade)
8. I want to be an engineer
9. I'm a really plain looking person
10. I am forever alone. Never had a boyfriend. Never kissed or been kissed by someone (unless you count when I was two)
11. I just want to feel like somebody likes me.

1. Doctor Who
2. Supernatural (The show on CW)
3. Sherlock (The show on BBC)
4. The Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan
5. Divergent series by Veronica Roth
6. the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
7. About 3,000,000,000,000 more

That's the basics if I think of more I'll mention them in my entries.