Life Sucks
2013-10-04 16:22:48 (UTC)

Introduction to Me... and More

So I guess I should start by introducing myself. My name is Jade, and I am the oldest of three children. Kloie is 20 months younger than me and Logan who is about four years younger. I turned 15 two days ago on October second. It was the worst birthday ever! I'm not trying to I be dramatic like my dad thinks I am, but it was the worst birthday I have ever had. I'm one of those lame nerdy girls who is home schooled, and so I woke up the normal time for a week day, eight a.m. This year is our first year to be home-schooled, so its better than 5:30 to 5:45 to catch the bus around 6:20. So I woke up around eight, maybe a little bit earlier, and my dad was yelling at me to clean up the living room before my mom got home from work. She is a nurse at a nearby hospital. So I got up and started cleaning, when I realized it was Kloie's chore for the week. Whatever I didn't complain. My dad took a few minutes to wake up the other two, and by then I had already put up with him yelling at me for missing things, even though i hadn't gotten there yet. No complaints. Finally Kloie and Logan were up and Kloie was doing the other part of her weekly chore, dining room while Logan did his dishes. Whatever. I soon finished, and went to sit on the couch. My mom eventually came home with breakfast. Later on I wanted to take a nap. I was extremely tired. I figured just an hour long nap or so, but my dad wouldn't let me. No biggie. I took a shower instead to wake up, but it's what happened after that that really pissed me off. Logan is not exactly the brightest crayon in the box, so I help him. Kloie is also supposed to help him, but she's to "busy". So I went to go help him, and he got mad at me. So, being his oder sister I gave him a light smack. Logan hit me back, and again Whatever, he doesn't punch hard.I shoved him. Basically We are total jerks to each other, but we love each other. I lived with it and went on to my own work. Later on Logan said he needed to use the lap desk to write a letter because he couldn't use the notebook for some reason. I have no freaking idea why. But I needed it and it was mine, so later when I went to grab a glass of water, he freaking stole the lap desk from me. I stole it back eventually stole it back and continued on, but it was little things like that that bugged me. We later wen to the same restaurant we go to every Wednesday evening before church, nothing new. After church Kloie and I went to the car because we couldn't find Logan and figured he had gotten in, but he was in the front seat. First off he isn't allowed in the front eat ever since he opened the door while we were driving down the highway, and secondly, IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! Not trying to play the birthday card, but that was the one thing I had been looking forward to about my birthday. I lived. And it wasn't just Logan. Kloie was a pain in the ass too. She did her normal think, shriek and demand attention, but she does that all the time. You'd think she was three, not thirteen. My dad kept yelling at me, and my mom had to work that night, so I didn't get to see her. much, except at dinner.

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