Salina's Journal
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2013-09-29 05:25:54 (UTC)

Its been a long time

Well its been a long time since I wrote in this :p LMAO ! I can't believe I fell for Jace wth was wrong with me? Lol well yeah I ended up going out with him, worst mistake ever. But it was only for two days ( Thank god :p ) Lol so yeah now I'm in a relationship with he guy I said was my best friend & its been four moths that we've been together :3 but now we argue a lot & its really sad :[ I think I really love this kid even tho I KNOW I deserve better,. I wish he at least knew how to dance :T & I wish he would take me on a date :[ But of course not :T I could've been going out with Kevin, Emanuel, Devaughn, Keith, Or Michael :T but I'm fine with this relationship.... I guess :T No ! Idc ! I will NOT give up on this relationship . But yeah I'm getting my hair done tomorrow [: yayyyyyy ,