deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2013-09-28 07:38:39 (UTC)

Deep, Dark, Dirty

My sweet lil cuntling.........I have had some deep dark cravings of you this week (always, but STRONG this week). Its something about your no longer being on the pill, all fertile and body wanting to reproduce.

In My thoughts I see you as hungry and horny and constantly telling Me how you and he are trying to have a baby. Yet, I fuck you as much as he does and you know there is uncertainty about who's it will be.

Additionally, I abuse you harder and nastier than usual. I indeed have you waiting in the foyer each time I come to you. you indeed are knelt with mouth open and hunger in your eyes. My Cock ramming in and out of you throat is the only sounds made since I entered in the door. your gags and whimpers from My grasp in your hair as a handle.....controlling you and the pace.

My explosive orgasm across your face bathes you....comforts you......reminds you........

And then its on into the bedroom where I have further expectations......