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2013-09-26 17:43:49 (UTC)

Route in History

Route in History
But apparently the problem of independence remains a priority of failed policies, or by thirst for power, and freedom of choice, the task remains tefuqive big groups. End of War DyteBoterore not seen as dream that finally all the wars will end up. Allies will form the UN (United Nations), led by the U.S. in 1945, this bond will be formed in San Francisco, with the hope that future conflicts will not go to where they had gone so far. Most of the lands were conquered, the globe is facing a destroyed economy as Europe and Asia.
Empires that had existed until then as Empire Netherlands, France and Britain did not exist with. New alliances will be created as in Asia and Africa. Philippines still demanding full independence yre reminding the U.S. that given keyword for independence and in 1946 viin will win a thing.
       For Germany and Poland will harrtoheshin new territories. Germany divided into four different areas will suffer more damage postwar. Ngakater she was separated areas, three were in the hands of allies Award was established constitutional democratic system, while the rest was in the hands of the Soviet Union which took in hand, and many other countries in Eastern Europe .. So threatened dismemberment of Germany. Fronts were apparent. At one side stood with U.S. allies and to another BS lies with the states that were in his krahte. In Japan, Imperial Japanese Empire was abolished by applicable U.S. General Douglas Mc. Arthur to be replaced with Constitutional Monarchy. With the surrender of Japan, Korea will take panvaresine. Korea was divided into two parts at that time. North Korea had the help and support of American troops.
          Seen close, Germany's goal at the beginning of its war were regaining German territories, the lost with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles and the addition of the German minority in the territories of Austria with the idea to form Greater Germany (an idea fascist party shown in Italy, where the term "Roman Empire" that included the territories require Antiquity) talks and negotiations with Hitler Camberlenin Nevill had to excuse these very reasons that we somehow allow Germany to seek these territories. He presented numerous reports indicating the violation and discrimination of German minorities in those countries. When Nazi Germany took over these territories from Poland and Czechoslovakia was received well by the Germans, which nukndodhi later. With the end of the war these minorities were forcibly moved from where they were to Germany.
   These and other propaganda games will be better used by the Nazi party to achieve its goal of war. As seen wars begin to establish the identity of an independent state, and who forms a nation struggling to function as a single state, and who fights on behalf of this nation by its ideal form tr "high" as the supreme being to rule on what he calls "dirty blood".
                 The essence of government is to exist only to protect their rights Populi without turning to personal interests. Yet according to the facts that were inspected, every political fights for its interests. It is the people themselves who violated, he was fighting for the rights of the government setting tijdhe he wants.
         The war launched by Kamal Ismail, The Balkan League, for setting panvaresise Orgnizaten close to the United Nations, for the recovery of the rights acquired by Enver Hoxha after diplomatic intervention of Western powers. Asked if November 29 is the feast of liberation appears more like a confused discussion to history and to reject that which began and ended each other. Enver Hoxha himself played in the history of Albania. Allies in the arm alignment was a fact and good relations with the Anglo-Americans was undeniable. Without this connection Albania will not receive the Panvaresine had left in the First World War. Which lost connection with kalimni in the communist camp.
 November Holidays are the only historical calendar (date te shenuara) signin date in our country and it is regrettable that these very date to kindle the debate as one party to the other, throwing and waited another njeripas facts. Genesis of 29 may be more a guess or strategic reasons than for documented facts as claimed today.
   However, November 28th is most remarkable coincidence are as beautiful on this date, as the first nentori the release of Kruja by Skanderbeg in 1944, and second as November 1912, raising the flag in Vlora, by I. Kamal.
As Enver Hoxha E rimori panvaresine after World War II for the third time, and the release date rrimarjes that can remain panvaresise November 28th. So, 28 or 29, let's leave history.
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Providing developers and businesses with a reliable, easy-to-use cloud computing platform of virtual servers (Droplets), object storage ( Spaces), and more.