Same Drug
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2001-10-10 14:35:28 (UTC)

a perfect circle

last nite was so shit everyone online was really depressed.
i was depressed before i came online and it made it worse.
andy was so depressed... he also confused me alot by
saying "i like oyu more than you think" or sumfin like
that. it only leads me on coz i like him... and now i
wonder?? anyway 2day i was late for school again and then i
went after english and bought alot of food and went online
and ate it.... i spoke to keiran no hard feelings maan its
all kewl. i look forward to my holiday but i cant wait to
get back to my dreadz and sum skunk. im listening to a
perfect circle the best for gettin stoned to.. stacy thinks
she has really bad problems, they are not so big as other
ppl's. she also thinks she understands ppl well. i wish
everyones feelings where clear then it would save so many