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2013-09-25 16:54:04 (UTC)

Street in History

The atmosphere of celebration of November came again. History remains as always challenged standpoint of facts and accepted and for a reason and for another.
   It was worth to be seen in these parties is their background information pathways through which they have passed d3ri the day of their establishment date marked on the calendar of history. Establishment of a new State came as a result of the defeat of the Ottomans Balkan League. Conference of Ambassadors that included Great Powers (Britain, Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary, France and Italy) was called in December 1912, in London to decide the issues raised by the war in the Balkans. With the support given by Albanians Austro-Hungary and Italy, the Conference agreed, to create an independent Albanian state. However, in establishing the new state borders, having strong pressure from Albania's neighbors, the major powers not widely recognized demographic realities and gift Serbs of Kosovo Vilayet broad and largely East of the Vilayet of Monastir , including Skopje, Ohrid, while in the south of Greece was given most of the Vilayet of Ioannina Ioannina including the city itself and all Chameria, otherwise known as South Epirus based in Thamis River. These fragmentation of Albanian territories were added to those from Montenegro annexed areas of Ulcinj, Podgorica, Kotor, Plav and Guci.
           Many doubted that the new state would be functional with almost two-thirds of the land and the Albanian population left outside its borders.
And in fact the new government seen many shortcomings and problems took a series of measures in the field of economy, the state organization, and the national culture, which the new road opened Albania that time.
Kamal Ismail remains prominent figure in the history of Albania, as men of the Albanian State High. Although the government of Ismail Kemal fell in 1914 he drafted the program is still running, the bedrock upon which to this day Albania. Recognition of this right only after he became Albania's diplomatic interventions Western powers after World War II