Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2013-09-20 05:34:57 (UTC)

deaf and the damned

So, I ended up with an ear infection and I'm still a little deaf in my left ear, it's terribly annoying. I'm on, day, 80? something now I think, I stopped counting a while ago, lost track I should clarify, and I think I'm ok with that, having kicked my pepsi/coke habit, for most of this month I've attempted to kick my juice habit and I find that it's not quite as easy, all the sugar etc, but, I think what I'll do is cut down on the juice, rather than cut it out entirely. My goal for october is moderation of pizza, thus far, I've only had pizza 2 times a week, down from my usual 3 to 5, I think the goals are getting easier, and I really need to work on setting food plans, and creating a menu and sticking to it. But in general, this month has been better than most.

kind of got a job, I passed the phone interview and monday is the in person one, I figure the only way to fuck it up is by not showing up. it's a work at home "call centre" job, that will be hard. not. I'll have to buy a mic and such for my laptop but I don't think that will be too hard, I think this is the just the job I need. evenings, work as much or as little as I want.

Moving to the other side of the house soon, maybe, depends, if the landlord doesn't try to screw around, then I'll be paying only about $200 a month rent for living in a nice place minutes from downtown. it sounds terrible, hahaha. it's not. it'll be fucking awesome. can finish paying off my bankruptcy and la de da, everything will be, better, ish.