The Rat

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2013-09-19 03:42:31 (UTC)


If my brain could melt it would
I would mix it in the gas to burn my house down
My rib cage is a barrier protecting all my insides
The part that hurts the most is behind it
I can hear the bugs digging in the wood by my bedside
The tunnels remind me that I am not well traveled
Smells like the inside of my nose when I sneeze sometimes
Makes the world like beeswax and both are disgusting
The acid in my belly would burn through my skin if I let it
This week just isn't right because I have to see my therapist
One time I had a gaul stone and I never saw it exit
Guess my body ate it for nourishment and I forgot about it
In my dresser there's a binder of things I keep in my memories
If I die maybe it will gain awareness and kill my friends and family

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