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2013-09-18 16:51:56 (UTC)

COMMENTS Erma Xhillari 17:44 - 27 March 2011

Erma Xhillari 17:44 - 27 March 2011

The campaign started today Mr. Berisha said at the meeting of the National Democratic Party , while the meeting when his people Kavajes for the inauguration of the Cultural Center says " The opposition is campaigning based on slander . Opposition relies on alternatives fraud " . Often hear that the electoral campaign began but never saw neither side when the date was set by the parties to the beginning of this " campaign " . Perhaps we should first of all ask ourselves each of us and then ask pergjegjesira (Thinks who must do it) where income went up for that posters for advertising and never saw the other had not ever imagination except to rallies across mitinjgje where a crowd of meaningless sitting for without victory and never do more than what we left .That election campaign was funded for these cameras is buying pens to " properly control the performance of voting ." "I decided to listen to citizens ' Mr Berisha said that the sentence seems silly when you heard he was only he and any of his supporters . People heard only in closing the campaign with great festive concert with the motto " Towards free elections ." This is the people's vote , demonstration of free thought was papraprin with a festive gathering , putting stamp opposition leader is in " standards " to the mature standards , and key OSCE standards . And , as for the opposition ire reveals the same benchmark . De facto campaign has begun . Before you started that in ancient Rome , which was not built for a day . Apollos swear to Hippocrates , Lulzim Basha oath to deputy mandate . He swore and German people to lift the country from the ruins of World War II , and within a short time managed economic prosperity and political , and this not only in Germany but throughout the last 21 years Evropen. Have to say that democracy has come and changes are always too limited in the guise of a lower economic standard of an economy that had not ever fall and never rise . For this writing XHILLARI ermelinda thumbed magazines and press .


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