deanne and Connor

our dialog
2013-09-18 06:35:35 (UTC)

my Belated Report


You instructed me to masturbate about You when i felt better last week and then report it to You. Well i carried out the task Saturday morning and regrettably am now just reporting it.

Knowing i would not be seeing You last weekend (or this one!) and being home alone i decided to keep it rather simple and just went to my bedroom. i was wearing my usual warm weather around the house outfit -- a pair of loose shorts and a loose t-shirt. i laid on the bed and closed my eyes and let my mind wander about You and me. i visualized being home waiting for You and when i heard You drive up i scooted to the front door and knelt in the small foyer, hands behind my back, awaiting Your instruction.

Upon entering You reached down and caressed my face and pressed me gently to your crotch. i knew what You wanted and proceeded to unzip and release You from your pants. Initially i teased the tip and the head with my tongue and it wasn't long before You were hard and ready and i pleased You as i always do.

At that point, laying on my bed, i was touching myself by rubbing my clit and outer lips. This continued for several minutes as i fantasized about sucking and pleasing You just inside the front door. As i visualized you about to explode i fantasized that you held my head tight in Your hands as You then controlled the depth and pace of Your thrusts until Your cock exploded in my mouth. At that point i made myself explode, making a very large wet spot on the shorts i was wearing.

my pace of rubbing slowed as my spasms subsided and i laid there for several minutes basking in the fantasy.

i hope this pleases You.