How does one live life?
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2013-09-16 20:56:04 (UTC)


Hey hey, guess what? I'm back.

Agreed, whilst I did make the statement of ne'er returning to this collection of dark thoughts, I must say I've been entertaining the idea for quite a while now, and guess today I finally caved in.

So will I recommence writing the black gal of everyday life that troubles me? Ney, I say you! A lot has happened since I've written this, a lot dear friends.
Now I shall linger here with reflections of my days and thoughts, at my own convenience of course!
I think I was in a depression when writing all those previous entries, and god knows how I got out of it, but I did. I count my lucky stars for that, but I also realize there are many others out there who are still undertaking the climb. I sincerely hope that my words can provide comfort in dire times, and I'll lend anyone a listening ear and a shoulder if they so desire.

Enough melo-melo Oprah moments! Also, I should consider another name, since Xin bears that heavy burden still...
I'll give it some thought.

See you all later, you lovely people! Remember, hang in there, one day you'll look back and notice how strong you've become!

Signing off!

(name is WIP)