I Don't Know To Be Honest
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2011-11-07 18:09:40 (UTC)

Chair Auditions

Today I went to school and did my daily procedures and stuff. Normal school day. Thursday's our chair auditions for band! I hope I get 1st chair! did I ever mention I play the trumpet? AGGGGHGHHHH!!!! I HATE the time change! I'm fine with going to school in the dark, but not coming home. It's 5:05 and I just got home and the sun is already setting! I feel sorry for the bus kids!(even though I despise each and every one of them.) They are at the bus stop at like 6:15 am and come home at about the same time in the afternoon! They don't get any sunlight time with their family!

I didn't know we had a game tonight! WE WON! They had 4 over handers(we don't) I cant believe we won!! They had 1st serve and we won the first game! We were even missing Jenna (we only have seven girls total) so none of us got the bench. I think that's a good thing sometimes.

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