2013-09-02 18:42:25 (UTC)

American strategic leadership on the international stage

American strategic leadership on the international stage

Power ISOFT use as an important instrument of Diplomacy, reorientation of military "hard power" in Afghanistan, Iraq, cooperation with international organizations have served as the starting point for many academic and international relations analysts to follow the guiding principles of "Obama Doctrine"
       His policy would not be so much of the Bush doctrine, because the world is complicated. Analysts started to hamendesojne for an Obama doctrine, referring to the main objectives of its foreign policy, the responsible conclusion of the war in Iraq and preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction, creating alliances necessary to cope with global threats and crises.
     I decided to convey its message to the Arab and Muslim world, Obama gave his first interview to an Arab television station in which it stressed that the U.S. is interested in the welfare of the Muslim world.
During his speech held at the University of Cairo, a few months later notes for a new beginning between the United States and Muslims, which repeats and quotes from the Quran.

Ideated by: Erma Xhillari