Diary of Naomi
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2013-08-30 19:32:42 (UTC)


Today, I had a chat with my French teacher and few classmates, he was talking about his girlfriend. You must have seen his face. His eyes. The little shine they had. It looks like he loves her really much. But I'm not pretty sure she loves him the way she loves him... Im getting so worried that I care that much about a teacher. I don't ussually like teachers (Though my grades are excellent) but this one is not like a teacher, hes like a friend, so humble, understanding, harworker, fastlearner, easygoing.. I really hope things go great with him, his gf and his life.
I've beeen feeeling really sad lately, I have no one to talk to. I made some friends by internet, but as you can see, they were not true friends. I need someone who i can chat with. Have fun talking to with. And fight. Thats sweet when friends fight. I havent had a fight since like 5th grade. But don't take me wrong, I have school friends. Im pretty sure that as soon as we leave school, we're not gonna see each other as often as we did. So thats why I need friends. I'm not a loner. I'm just shy. Because people might not like me, and thats something i can't really stand. It makes me sad. sad, sad sad. I hope I can travel to usa as soon as posible... I'm pretty sure Im gonna make some friends there.. And its cuz american people are sso friendly.. Theyre not like dominican people, so cocky always.
Another problem is that I have been told that I'm too mature for my age (16). Girls my age dont have fun with me because all they this about is having boyfriends and clothes. all I think about is college and getting married. Yes, at this young age, i think of marriage. And at some point, every girl does. Not as much as I do, but every normal girl thinks of it. Its such a deep topic. I mean, sharing your life with someone must be really difficult. i really admire my parents.. Cause theyre so annoying and besides that they stand each other. Good parents.
Its not that I dont think of having a boyfriend. Trust me, I do think about that all the time. Its just that nowadays teens are so not my type. As ive said before, im a really mature kid. And boys my age are not mature at all. All they think of is sex, and thats not mature. When i have a boyfriend. i want him to be forever with me. Get married, have kids and die together. Im not asking for too much, am I?
Well.. I sure am. Thats why I dont want to get married with someone from my country.. All of them are like so ugh. But thats up to God. he's the one that decides If Im getting married, If Im a nun( God forbid), whatever.
Gtg.. see you tomorrow diary.