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2013-08-30 02:28:20 (UTC)

8/29/13 Thurs

Got up at 3. Too late to go office again. Was gonna go my bootcamp class didnt go either. Cousin cooked. she fell asleep too after dinner. Was gonna go kohls but we both lazy. Watch tv browse online. Fuck exactly same as before. Just somrone is cooking instead of noodle and curry. Work pr at least make some money and get drunk and easier to go to sleep. He said would give me some money 2 days ago but didnt so asked him. He said will give me tonight. Kind happy would see him. Phil asked me to go Folsom. Kind wanted to go so told him to give me money tmrw. He asked if I have men in the house. I said u can come look. Told him to leave monry in garage he said ok. Bay bridge closed also I wouldnt go anyways cuz he might come. But he didnt come at all. Text him he said tmrw. I was pissed again told him im dobe with him and its for real thus time still no reply. The only explanation would be he is working hard during the day and gambling at night everyday. Otherwise why wouldn't he reply me at night? If he had someone why would he call me for sex. No matter what I cant no one can take his way of treating a girl.

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