Diary of Naomi
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2013-08-30 01:51:21 (UTC)

This has been such a busy week..

This has been such a busy week for me, because I'm finally a senior.. Yeah.. I know.. A senior! And we're full with homeworks.. I hardly ever get connected on facebook or twitter. The only website I have time for is this one. This page has help me so much, becuase when I look back at the things I write, I realize I grow up more as a person each day. Its really weird to say that I first started using this diary because of my english institute friends did. I didn't want to, but it wasnt a favor, it was an ORDER, its weird since now I'm the only one writting. Not even the teacher.. None of them. And its not like we're that close.. I'm not close to any of them. Just the teacher and some guy called... Let's call him Peter. The first one, the teacher, ahhh sweet memories, we used to be pretty close friends, I told him things I have never told anyone, I respected him because, no matter how young he was, he was serious and smart, fast learner and a sweet person. The only thing i didn't like about him was that he got mad at me for no reason. We had disagreements few times. No wonder why. We both had irritable temperaments. But besides that, I really felt so good to have such a nice teacher, he was actually one of the nicest and best teacher that has ever taught me anything. I literally loved him. And the second one, Peter. Agh -.- I didn't stand him. He was such a smartass. But he has changed and we usually talk.. Even more than I talk to the teacher. Its probably cause hes busy with his new job. Im so glad he got that new job. He deserves that and so much more. No wonder why they gave him that job. He''s a really fast learner and I'm sure he's doing fine

Speaking of teachers, I have a new French teacher. He's like the sweetest person I have ever met. He so passive, and smart, and easygoing, and understanding... Kids dont take him serious cause of that. But I do. I respect him because I admire him. I hope things go well for him cause hes getting married. And he deserves it. He sure does. I wish he stopped being a teacher and start doing something else. nowadys kids dont pay attention to class.. or care about foreing languages. I'm am one of the 0.09% that still does. He's also one of the few few few people I talk to in Englih. I am a really shy girl and i dont want people to hear me speaking English. Because I dont know how to pronounce it? Nope. Cause I'm afraid people start saying I act like a cocky little girl who thinks she knows how to pronounce English. they're really mean guys. Aaaanyways.. I do have a nice French teacher, though we're not as close as I used to be with my last english teacher, we get along pretty well. God bless that soul.

I shall leave now. Someone needs to use my laptop, I tried not to do anyhting about it, but he wont shut up . I'll write somehting else in a few days, when I'm not busy. Peace out.

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