Soulful Eyes
2001-10-10 14:11:34 (UTC)

Eden in hell

There is a place I seek. One of where, I may find my peace
at mind. A sanctuary. Amongst my daily travels, I see
things that displease me. I see the tower of Babel.
Beezlebub, beckoning at the souls of innocents. I see
glistening drops fall from the sky, and I look up. The
heavenly ranks of angels are loseing at the war! I sneak
past the devils and dragons that are constantly searching.
Searching for a new victim to fall pray to their wild and
sinful ways. Searching I hope to find what I seek. The
sanctuary. The place where the angels reign supreme under
one Ruler. God. His power will protect me, and I Him.
Cast out is the devil, Beezlebub, and his minions. Slain
are his dragons, which are now the pray. Here, I may find
peace. Here, I may find rest. Here, I may find myself.

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