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2013-08-26 02:06:01 (UTC)

8/25/13 sun

Got high on coke. The guy house for after party. Talked to the guy while I was high. He wanted me to stay but of course left together. Got emotional and cousin got drunk and emotion al too. Talked about dad infedality and mom. Home at 6. Still feeling dizzy. Asked alex to come to party more but so tired went in room to sleep. Text him back on wechat. He was up. Went to ruby last night. Asked me to go have sex. But i tried not to go. Tired and had to move his car. Of course i gave in. Also wanted to see him. Met up at office at 9. I wouldn't do it in the car. Went to Fremont house. Had sex. Left at 11. Home. Alex was still sleeping on the couch. Wasnt happy just sex and dump me so fast. Wechat him but he wont reply much so made me unhappy. Hard to go to sleep. Didn't sleep well. Alex left at 3. We got up at 6. She cooked hotpot. I was feeling like shit. Getting old for this. Not gonna go this kind of party for free. Not worth aging over it.