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2013-08-25 23:30:31 (UTC)

Moving in four days

I'm moving again. In four days, I'll be in another home. I know I said I hate moving and nothing's changed. I have packed a bunch so hopefully it will be easy for the movers in turn cheaper for me. The new place looks smaller than this one. I'm a little concerned that it's too small a place but it will do for now.

I saw the kiddos today so they are actually in Sacramento. So it only took the ex 7 days of missed school before she will finally take them. Or at least they are here and they may go to school tomorrow.

I don't feel like work in the morning but I already called in sick last Friday. The boss gave me some shit and so I took the day off not wanting any unneeded stress from my boss.

I hope that psycho at work is gone for good. Not sure if I mentioned my boss spoke to me last Thursday saying he will still right me up. Not exactly right me up but it will indicate that I will have to sign something indicating that we spoke about the issue with the psycho bitch at work. lol Hopefully she is gone from our Engineering group for good.

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