lora morel

What God says to me
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2013-08-24 03:02:17 (UTC)

Like a rabbit hole

In the early morning hours 3 days ago I woke and found myself in prayer. In my minds eye I saw myself pull up into a hole, sort of like standing through a sunroof of a car. I saw the most beautiful green grass I have ever seen, with trees and wide open spaces as far as I could see. There was no end in sight of this crisp, clean, clear perfect picture. As I stood peeking, He kneed down next to me on my right side. His words to me were “you have direct one to one access to me” and then told me that He would give me anything I wanted.

I told Him I wanted a place in His house, I wanted to know for sure that I was in good standing with Him. He told me I had a place and that I was in good standing with Him and not to worry. No, I did not see Him, yet I sensed a figure of some sort, I could not give details for there where none. Just that I felt sincere kindness, a perfect loving smile and oddly a sense of amusement...

The next morning, I forced myself into the same “hole” and pulled myself up peeking in. He told me that He was there and to go to sleep. He said that “He was my All and All” and that He would never leave me....He would always be with me.

This morning I woke at 2am and starting praying at this time, what I am about to tell you was over at 4am.

I found myself in this “hole” again. But as I peeked and was taken in all that I saw He was there again, telling me to step up. Like coming through a rabbit hole …. I saw 2 pairs of feet, sort of....not clear at all... yet I knew it was me and Him walking. I saw nothing at this point just my words to Him. (I hope that makes sense to you).

He again asked me to tell Him my utmost prayer requests. I must say I rambled on and on. Mostly asking for my salvation, my families, everyone I knew and then just asked for everyone in the world to be able to come to heaven. His words were kind and very tender...”everyone could not come to heaven. The Book has been written, dates set and there was no going back. The earth and all on it has a destiny...the road to Me is VERY narrow”. I did ramble on about wanting to be a better mother and wife and other things that I will talk about at a later date...when my time here is short.

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